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5-axis CNC machines offer unparalleled flexibility and speed
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5-axis CNC machines offer unparalleled flexibility and speed


  We offer CNC milling services for any type of custom CNC parts, whether plastics or metals, simple or complex. Our precision 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, can provide high-quality CNC machined parts and fast delivery. In the fiercely competitive market, Wanfuxin has launched in-depth customized products and services according to the needs of cooperative enterprises, providing customers with more suitable and complex products and services.


  Imported 5-axis CNC machining centers  for the finest tool performance and longevity.For complex and time-sensitive machined parts, 5-axis CNC machines offer unparalleled flexibility and speed. we can help bring your ideas to life, from rapid prototypes to end-use parts for safety-critical applications. Our 4-axis, 5-axis milling capabilities enable us to provide precise parts with complex geometry.Advantages of 5 Axis Machining Services for complex parts.


  Our machinery includes : Japan Brother CNC machining center, FANUC CNC machining center 160 units, Japan Jinshang CNC Lathe 20, Mazak 5 axis CNC machining center 3, wire cutting machine, vertical boring machine, with an on-site inspection system to achieve super-tight tolerances.With a decade of experience in the machining business, and with comprehensive knowledge of material properties, we know how to handle even the most complex parts no matter the medium.The main service customer groups include: BMD, Molex, Dajiang, Derry Medical, Mindray Medical Group, Huawei, Anda, Kyocera, lnventec, OPPO, and other internationally renowned manufacturers have established a stable cooperative relationship. From aerospace parts to high-tech electronic products, weve worked with companies all across the manufacturing spectrum.


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