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Impeller five-axis machining case
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  The advantage of five-axis CNC machining is that it can realize one-time clamping, which can reduce the cost of clamping and reduce product scratches and bumps. It is suitable for machining some multi-station pores and planes, and parts with high machining accuracy requirements, especially shape machining accuracy requirements. Strict parts. In 2015 we purchased 3 Mazak 5-axis CNC machining centers, 5-axis CNC machine tools provide unparalleled flexibility and speed. We can help you bring your ideas to life, from rapid prototyping to end-use parts for safety-critical applications. Our 4-axis, 5-axis milling capabilities allow us to deliver precision parts with complex geometries. Impeller is one of the important products of our five-axis machining, which is widely used in defense industry and energy industry.

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  The structure of the impeller and the blade surface are complex, and the machining accuracy is high. As we all know, the impeller is an important part of aerospace engines, rocket engines, water turbines, steam turbines, expanders, pump fans, compressors and other products, and its function is to convert the pressure or energy of the flowing gas or liquid. The impeller is usually composed of discs, blades, connectors and other components. According to its structure, it can be divided into open, semi-closed and closed impellers; according to its working speed, it can be divided into high-speed, medium and low-speed working impellers; It is high pressure, medium and low pressure working impeller; from the perspective of design and manufacture, it can be divided into combined impeller and integral impeller. The five-axis machining of the impeller has an extremely important influence on the performance of the product. Improving the machining efficiency of the impeller is mainly to improve the rough machining efficiency. The five-axis impeller roughing method can be used to realize the roughing of the five-axis impeller, with uniform material retention, gentle processing trajectory, and improved processing efficiency.


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