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Wanfuxin CNC Machining Digital Electronic Accessories cases
2022-08-26 09:27:00 visits : 0 author : wfxcnc

  Before 2017, Wanfuxin provided machining services for the 3C digital mobile phone industry. Not only has Apple\Huawei and other customers, but also obtained some patents in the mobile phone digital industry, and owns the Ikuba mobile phone case patent: the scheme of hollowing out the back of the metal frame solves the problem of poor heat dissipation of the iPhone and the use of mobile phone cases to affect the quality of calls. , has achieved certain results in the mobile phone case market.

 CNC machined parts

  Today, many household goods and appliances often contain machined parts, while items like enclosures and fixtures are also suitable for the process. Goods like sporting equipment may also be CNC machined. The CNC machining of metal and plastic components plays a big role in the electronics industry. Items such as laptop casings, connectors and sockets can all be reliably made with a CNC machine.


  Wanfuxin currently have 2 Mazak five-axis simultaneous machining centers and 3 DMG five-axis simultaneous machining centers.In the electronics industry, 5-axis machining can be used to make essential parts for consumer electronic devices such as digital cameras and laptops.Electronics casings and enclosures are often machined from plastic or aluminum, and 5-axis CNC is especially useful for chassis of irregularly shaped devices such as SLR cameras.5-axis machining can also be used to fabricate parts like heat sinks especially those with irregular or densely populated fin patterns. The efficiency and deftness of 5-axis also makes it easy to fabricate heat sinks in large quantities.


  CNC Machining Digital Electronic Accessories cases include:


  Machining Spare Precision Parts Anodized Aluminum 5 Axis Custom CNC Machining Metal Digital Camera Accessories


  OEM custom stainless steel aluminum anode Power bank shell OEM


  Aluminum alloy processing of booster car battery shell


  Power Box Outdoor Waterproof Aluminum Metal Shell Charging Power Box


  sheet metal stamping and milling 316 stainless steel keyboard for mobile

  OEM & ODM Smartphone Accessories Aluminum Alloy Universal Magnetic Mobile Ring Holder For PhonesOEM & ODM


  Smartphone Accessories New Released Aluminum Alloy Cell Phone Holder For Bicycle


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