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Wanfuxin CNC lighting component processing case
2022-08-26 09:12:07 visits : 0 author : wfxcnc

  CNC lighting accessories processing uses aluminum alloy as raw material. After accurate calculation by advanced CNC processing equipment system, the customized products of CNC lighting accessories can be accurate to the micro-millimeter unit. Dongguan Wanfuxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has advanced CNC processing. Equipment, can produce non-standard precision parts NC processing, various aluminum alloy products processing, etc. according to customer requirements. In particular, in the processing and customization of CNC lighting accessories, the company has a professional technical production team and advanced production and processing equipment, and promises to deliver high-precision and high-quality products on time.

 Wanfuxin CNC lighting component processing case


  CNC lighting component processing case:


  High Precision CNC Turning Machining Parts Brass Lamp Lighting Fitting Gold Plating Led Ring Light Part


  aluminum heat sink for led light profiles/aluminum extrusion heat sink for led light profiles



  Custom Made High Demand Street Light Aluminum Heat Sink Led Cold Forging Heatsink for LED Light


  CNC Custom INTENSITY EXTREME Body / INTENSITY EXTREME SDI Extruded Heatsink for 3 Inductors / Extruded Heatsink for 3 Fets


  Flashlight shell

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