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Professional mobile phone case CNC machining service
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  Wanfuxin was in the initial stage of entrepreneurship. At that time, in order to expand its production capacity, Foxconn found a large number of suppliers to manufacture products for them. Due to the high product requirements, we have not been able to provide qualified products in the early stage. The surrounding suppliers have given up because of the high requirements. Even Foxconn advised me to give up. After learning experience with Foxconn, we finally succeeded in overcoming the problem. This experience has created a spirit of never admit defeat and never give up. He has successfully strengthened his belief in starting his own business due to many persistence.

 Professional mobile phone case CNC machining service


  Wanfuxin has established stable cooperative relations with well-known mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and OPPO.When engaged in the 3C digital mobile phone industry: Ikuba mobile phone case patent: the use of a metal frame hollow back scheme solves the problem of poor heat dissipation of iPhone mobile phones and the use of mobile phone cases to affect the quality of calls, and has achieved certain results in the mobile phone case market.


  At Wanfuxin CNC Machining, we believe you should be able to get the parts you need, when you need them. You shouldnt have to fight with your machine shop to get things done; instead, you should feel confident theyre working with you to help you keep production on schedule with high-quality parts.


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