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CNC Metal Milling Precision Machining Aircraft Spares Parts
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  CNC machining has for several years been an integral part of aerospace manufacturing. Thats partly down to the extremely high precision of CNC machines, making the process suitable for safety-critical parts that will be used on aircraft.Machinable aerospace parts include prototype engine components, fuel panels, landing gear components and engine mounts.

 CNC Metal Milling Precision Machining Aircraft Spares Parts

  Before 2017, Wanfuxin's main business was to provide machining services for the 3C digital mobile phone industry. Facing the influx of a large number of manufacturing industries into this field, it has to face the situation of adopting price cuts to seize the market. In 2017, Wanfuxin decided to transform from providing machining services for the 3C digital mobile phone industry to drone accessories, automation accessories, and aviation accessories. Medical equipment accessories and other industries provide machining services. Established cooperative relations with BMD, Molex, DJI, Derui Medical, Mindray Medical Group, etc.


  Complexity is the main reason why aerospace companies is so dependent on 5-axis CNC.Aircraft components often have intricate geometries frequently including curves and interior cuts that would take a long time to machine on a 3-axis setup.Wanfuxin has a professional technical team, and has introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment, especially the introduction of 5-axis CNC machining center, 5-axis machining can be used on all manner of titanium and aluminum aerospace parts, including:




  Fuselage sections


  Landing gear components


  The company has advanced CNC processing equipment, and can produce non-standard precision parts NC processing and various aluminum alloy products processing according to customer requirements. In particular, in terms of CNC aerospace parts processing and customization, the company has a professional technical production team and advanced production and processing equipment, and promises to deliver high-precision, high-quality products on time.


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  Professional Aviation Aluminum Electric Auto Electronic Parts 5-Axis Cnc Turning Milling Machining Service Manufacturer

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