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CNC Machining Turned Laser Cutting Medical Metal Parts
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CNC Machining Turned Laser Cutting Medical Metal Parts

CNC Machining Turned Laser Cutting Medical Metal Parts

  CNC machining is widely used process in healthcare, with the process regularly used to create implants, medical devices and surgical tools such as scalpels.Tight tolerances and fast turnarounds are especially important for items such as titanium hip implants, which should be tailored to a patient's anatomy.CNC milling and turning is widely used to create high-precision unit of small parts with tight tolerances for use in medicine, surgery and dentistry.


  The company has won the recognition of many partners and customers with strong strength, reasonable price, excellent quality and excellent service. At present, the company's products include medical accessories: Mindray, Derry.


  Wanfuxin has a professional technical team, and has introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment, especially the introduction of 5-axis CNC machining center, Titanium and stainless steel surgical tools are frequently fabricated with 5-axis machining. These parts must be made to a high level of precision and are often made in large quantities, which favors the increased efficiency of a 5-axis CNC machine.


  Machined surgical tools include:












  Surgical scissors


  About CNC medical automatic component processing, Our advantageous products include:



  Customize OEM Service Designed Cnc Turning Screw Medical Aluminium Bushings Spacer Sleeve


  Oem Aluminum Anodized Casting Tool Cnc Machining Parts Medical Spare


  cnc custom machined stainless steel round medical instrument accessories


  Custom manufacturer precision hardware medical camera part cnc spare lathe cnc lathe turning


  OEM high quality CITIZEN A20 MACHINE Precision Medical Equipment Machining Turning stainless steel Brass cnc parts


  Custom Machining precision medical equipment spare part


  Precision Mold CNC Turning Mechanical Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Brass Components

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