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CNC machining is especially useful for custom automotive parts
2022-08-15 16:49:43 visits : 0 author : wfxcnc

  CNC machining is especially useful for custom automotive parts, which may be required for repairs or for limited-edition luxury vehicles, since it is too costly to make few parts by molding process.

 CNC machining is especially useful for custom automotive parts

  Wanfuxin has a professional technical team, and has introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment, especially the introduction of 5-axis CNC machining center, 5-axis machining is widely used in the automotive industry for the prototyping and production of car components.These components include:


  Engine housings


  Engine covers




  Inspection jigs


  Light guides


  As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD has become the first independent auto brand to enter the trillion-dollar market value club. The company cooperated with Honda Guangzhou to develop and process precision auto parts.


  Here are some of our cases:


  High Precision Aluminum Die Casting Cnc Machining Auto Engine Car Spare Part


  aluminum forged auto engine cnc lathe machine hardware parts cnc machining parts


  Custom CNC machining Automotive Parts Car Spare Parts Aluminum Die Casting Engine Start Stop for Cars


  Aluminum cast part cnc machining cast aluminum engine assembly parts aluminium die casting automotive


  Customized Engine Housing Clay Sand Casting High Difficult Thin Walled Grey Iron Parts with Precision CNC Machining  


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